Recaps #DiversityJC 2014

If you are wondering where all got started, you can read more here.

09/19/2014: Women get more positive feedback on their grant proposals than men do. Article and Recap.

10/03/2014: What is diversity and why it matters in science and STEM fields by Kenneth Gibbs (@KennyGibbsPhD). Article and Recap.

10/17/2014: Changes in women and minority involvement in the Ecological Society of America, at both the membership and leadership levels. Article and Recap.

10/31/2014: When women stopped coding by @NPR. Article and Recap.

11/14/2014: Academic training of conservation scientists. Article and Recap.

12/05/2014: #BlackLivesMatter… but what about in academia? Article 1, Article 2, and Recap.

12/19/2014: Biomedical Science Ph.D. Career Interest Patterns by Race/Ethnicity and Gender. Article and Recap.

Hope to see you all discussing #DiversityJC in 2015!


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