Gone Mental: The next Diversity Journal Club

There’s been a trend in our most recent DiveristyJC discussions: mental health.


“If it’s too hot in here, get out of the kitchen.”

“You can’t expect to take weekends off.”

“Have you submitted that paper yet?”


There are many reasons we’re stressed out in STEM, but what is “normal” stress, and what is far beyond it? We all complain about deadlines, but when do we actually talk about the toll it all takes on our health? Moreover, we already stigmatize mental health concerns and mental illness in this country – now we place that in the competitive culture of academia.


It’s no surprise we rarely talk about mental health, rarely seek help for it.


For this next Diversity Journal Club, we will focus on the following two posts from The Gaurdian:

Dark thoughts: why mental illness is on the rise in academia

Mental health issues in academia: ‘stories are not cries of the privileged’

In addition to these, some further articles of interest:
Paying Graduate School’s Mental Toll
The Stressed-Out Postdoc
Get Help: How the myth of self-sufficiency fails PhD students with mental illness

And the entire Guardian series, Mental health: A university crisis

Increasingly, we are talking about mental health in STEM careers and academia. Let’s use the Diversity JC space to do so here – but let’s also focus on how these mental health concerns intersects with diversity, as it assuredly does.

Please join us on Monday 20 April at 2pm EST on twitter, under #DiversityJC. We will also have the fantastic Ian Streen (@IHStreet) to help co-moderate!


Emily K.

Doctor PM



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