Sexism in academia, yes or no? #GaslightingDuo vs #AddMaleAuthorGate

Interesting that earlier this month there was a discussion on twitter about a study from researchers at Cornell University that found preference to hire women for tenure-track positions 2:1 on STEM track. Really?

Fig. 1.

The take home message from this article is that there is NO SEXISM in academia, and all we have been listening and discussing for so long is just in our minds. You can read more about the repercussions of this article in the storify by Karen James and under #GaslightingDuo or #StillaProblem

Then a few days ago, Boom! A super sexist peer-review suggests a female author to seek male co-authors to “Improve” it.

As you would predict, this caused a massive response on twitter and all media (And also a lot of jokes under #AddMaleAuthorGate). So what do you think about it? Why it seems they are trying to get rid of the gender bias problem by pretending it doesn’t exist? Join our next #DiversityJC and let’s discuss it – this following Monday, May 4th, 2pm EST.

One thought on “Sexism in academia, yes or no? #GaslightingDuo vs #AddMaleAuthorGate

  1. What do I think? I think the entire “gender bias” is a big stunt to leverage entitlement to people who were born with a specific gender-part. I’ve been following the “gender bias” – sexism claims for a while now and have yet to find a SINGLE so called Sexist claim that did apply equally to both sexes. I feel its really all about who can convince the sheeple they are the victim and thus need “special privileges”.

    I think the biggest issue is people talk too much environment freedoms of others and throwing those items into some “ism” movement in order to make us all “obey” to their desires instead of dealing with personal issues themselves.


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