#DiversityJC recap: Sexism in STEM & academia

This week we talked about the paradox between the #GaslightingDuo and #AddMaleAuthorGate. On one side a study from researchers at Cornell University that found preference to hire women for tenure-track positions 2:1 on STEM. On the other side a female author was asked to seek male co-authors to “improve” her paper. So is sexism in academia doing better or doing worse? We had a great discussion and you can read the complete Storify compiled by Alberto Roca .

We can see the #GaslightingDuo study with two different optics: One is that there’s some progress being made, as Ian pointed out, but also as a way to pretend it doesn’t happen at all! Indeed, it seems that some things changed and women are doing a little better in academia and elsewhere. Yes, there are successful woman out there. But is it enough?

The study received a lot of criticism in the media. Most of the scientists didn’t trust their methods and results, but it seems that there’s a lot of people out there that want to believe in those results…

But then we see the #AddMaleAuthorGate. Things might be doing better for woman in academia, but still, there’s a lot of sexism out there.

So what can we do about it? How can we make it better?

So the problem goes deep under. And there’s little we can actually do other than discuss it and try to make people aware of it

And to wrap things up, what do YOU think it would happen in this situation?

Thanks to all participants! Hope to see you next time – May 18th 2pm EST!


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