#DiversityJC recap on using technology in the classroom

Hello everybody!

This week we discussed @Drew_Lab article about Using Technology to Expand the Classroom in Time, Space, and Diversity. That was such a great discussion and we are so thankful for Joshua Drew to write the #DIversityJC announcement and for sharing his expertise with us 🙂

Yes! We discuss a lot about diversity around here, but sometimes we don’t really get to the point of trying to achieve it! This publication discusses actual examples of how the teacher can expand diversity among students, generally easily accessible options that can make a difference! For example, to encourage multi racial and gender-heterogenous collaboration in classroom. We can think about who we assign to read, who we skype in, and who’s work we talk about. Personal interactions make such a difference for students!

Opening up remote access means we have more options – but a responsibility to think critically about them.And expose students to think critically as well. Also important to consider bandwidth when designing/selecting materials for online consumption, especially for video or live lectures/discussions…. Online materials can be very useful, but can also be inadequate or wrong. Important to filter.

By using technology means you can access a wider range of students and experts that normally wouldn’t be able to be in your classroom. It is helpful for students to see other kind of scientists out there!

We spent a good amount of time discussing specifically the use of Twitter in the classroom. Several people shared their experiences and the most difficult task mentioned was how to engage students that are not used to use Twitter regularly.

Other interested points:

Whatever the challenges, we can’t deny that technology and twitter can expand the voices and experiences for students. But the teacher must take time to consider the limitations and challenges of using technology/social media in the classroom. Like any other class, it might take you a little more time in the first times you teach them. But it’s worth and rewarding! Let’s do this! Thank you again @Drew_Lab for your contribution!

And thanks for all who joined our #DiversityJC and hope to see you next time.





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