Topics Discussed


08/18/2017: Let’s discuss #mentalhealth in academia. Article, Storify, Recap.

06/23/2017: Disability and STEM. Announcement, supporting article 1, supporting article 2, Storify, Recap.

05/19/2017: The dangers of misinterpreted science results. Article, Storify, Recap.

03/17/2017: Achieving gender equality in Leadership. Article, Storify, Recap.

02/24/2017: Black History Month & the importance of mentors. Article, Storify, Recap.

01/19/2017: Addressing entrenched beliefs. Article, Storify, Recap.


11/18/2016: What’s next? (after the elections). Article, Storify, Recap 1, and Recap 2.

10/21/2016: Nobel (biased) Prize winners. Article, Storify, and Recap.

09/16/2016: Toxic Masculinity. Article and Recap.

08/19/2016: It’s the imposter syndrome… or is it? Article, Storify, and Recap.

06/17/2016: Orlando. Article, Storify, and Recap.

05/20/2016: How to deal with ideological diversity? Article, Storify, and Recap.

04/22/2016: Why do women leave STEM? Article, Storify, and Recap.

03/18/2016: Let’s talk being an ally. Article and Recap.

02/19/2016: Is there a time when someone’s ability overrides their behavior? Article and Storify.

01/22/2016: What’s diversity? Article and Recap.


10/19/2015: Reporting Structures and Dealing With Harassers. Article and Recap.

10/05/2015: Decolonizing STEM & the TMT Controversy. Article.

09/07/2015: Would double-blind or open peer review help with diversity? Article and Recap.

08/24/2015: Quietly advocating for Diversity. Article and Recap.

07/27/2015: Working life or living to work? How does the ‘workaholic’ mentality disrupt science… and scientists? Article, article, and Recap.

07/13/2015: Let’s talk about using technology to expand classroom diversity! Article and Recap.

06/29/2015: Why did the DiversityJC cross the road? (Humor in academia). Article and Recap.

06/15/2015: If an old school opinion speaks in a new-age forest, should it matter? Article and Recap.

06/01/2015: How to attract Latinas to STEM. Article and Recap

05/18/2015: Extroverts and Introverts. Article and Recap.

05/04/2015: Sexism in academia, yes or no? #GaslightingDuo vs #AddMaleAuthorGate. Article, Recap, and Storify.

04/20/2015: Mental health. Article, article, and Recap.

04/06/2015: Social justice and research beyond safe walls. ArticleRecap, and Storify.

03/23/2015: what’s next: About our concerns and fears for the future. Article, article, and Recap.

03/09/2015: How do we adapt to this? Expanding reasons why minority students avoid certain disciplines. Article and Recap.

02/23/2015: Male Professors receive higher marks because… they’re men? Articlequick discussion of the work and Amanda Marcotte’s post on it at Slate and Recap.

02/09/2015: Vaccine refusal. Article, article, blog post. Follow-up and Recap.

01/26/2015:A family gap for men? Diversity JC looks at how gender roles affect us all when having kids in academia. Article, article and Recap.


12/19/2014: Biomedical Science Ph.D. Career Interest Patterns by Race/Ethnicity and Gender. Article and Recap.

12/05/2014: #BlackLivesMatter… but what about in academia? Article 1Article 2, and Recap.

11/14/2014: Academic training of conservation scientists. Article and Recap.

10/31/2014: When women stopped coding by @NPR. Article and Recap.

10/17/2014: Changes in women and minority involvement in the Ecological Society of America, at both the membership and leadership levels. Article and Recap.

10/03/2014: What is diversity and why it matters in science and STEM fields by Kenneth Gibbs (@KennyGibbsPhD). Article and Recap.

09/19/2014: Women get more positive feedback on their grant proposals than men do. Article and Recap.